OneStone is the Best Option for Charging and Advertising!

Keep your patrons charged and your promotions seen with OneStone Hub Mobile Charging!

Place Anywhere
No Outlets Needed

Now you can put them on every table! Save Thousands from hardwiring charging solutions in your establishment. The OneStone Wireless Phone Charging Stations offer the freedom of placing your mobile charging stations anywhere you want.

Best In Market
Power Hubs

The High Capacity, Fast Recharge Powerbanks in the OneStone Mobile Charging Stations allow your customers to Fast-charge dozens of phones a day and charge multiple mobile devices at once. The OneStone Hubs Quickly Recharge Overnight on our Charging Cart.

Advertise & Promote
in HD

Advertise on our dual 7” HD Displays that allow for Continuously Looping Images or Video. Our WIFI version allows for Cloud Based, Real-time Content Control from anywhere! Take advantage of Digital Advertising to increase your bottom line while your customers are happy about the ability to charge.

OneStone Hub Basic Features

Elegant Design with High Functionality and Purpose is a goal realized with the OneStone Hub. You can now keep your patrons happy by offering Free Phone Charging, psychologically associating your brand with a positive and lasting impression. The advertising and customer engagement possibilities are endless!

Advertise on DUAL 7” HD Displays
NO outlets needed – Reaching NEW locations
Captive audience for maximum impressions
Content changed via WiFi for real time Ad Changes
Units Quickly Recharge Overnight
Built-In Cables & USB Ports for charging Multiple Devices


Peoples behavior when their phone is about to die can negatively effect your business!

Don’t let a customers low battery phone negatively effect your bottom line!  With the OneStone Hub, you can turn that negative into a serious POSITIVE!  By offering FREE Mobile Charging at your establishment:


Attract people to your establishment (over a competitor that does not offer charging)
Keep your customers from running out the door if their phone is dying, thus selling additional drinks or product.
Gain up to 25% more sales by utilizing the beautiful display to advertise your Services, Offers, Drink Specials, Dinner Specials, Catering, Memberships & More! 



of People will DROP EVERYTHING and leave for home if their phone dies! People have admitted they will U-turn back to home to charge their phone.



Admit that they ordered something at a Bar or Restaurant just to use an outlet and charge their phone.


Fear Missed Calls as a result of a Dead Phone. They will rush to go anywhere there is a plug close to charge!


Admit Anxiety when they have a Dead Phone. Let’s face it… People lose their minds when their phone is dead.


Claim a dead phone resulted in either Lost Business, Lost Jobs or Arguments in personal and business Relationships.


of People claim they must charge up to THREE times per day to keep up with their usage. This number is steadily rising as phones get more complex and use more power. 

How It Works

The Easy, Affordable and Simply Brilliant way to Offer Free Mobile Charging at Every Table & Improve Your Business!

The Basics of Offering Charging with OneStone Hubs - Easy as 1-2-3!

Place OneStone Hubs Where You Want!

You can place them on every table because these do not have to be attached to an outlet. No Wiring = Saved money and flexibility to put them everywhere your customers are!

Let Your Customers Charge!

Each unit can charge 25+ Phones per day and charge multiple devices at a time with built in cables and USB outputs. 

Re-Charge At Night

The High Capacity Batteries work all day and Quickly ReCharge Overnight to be ready for the next day! 

Power for Customers, Advertising for You

Society as a whole is now more upwardly mobile than ever before.  Over 97% of Americans have a cell phone and over 80% of them are Smartphones… what does that mean? It means people need power everywhere they go and when they do not have power, it effects their decisions on where to eat, how long to stay, what they buy and how much they enjoy their stay.  

Who can Benefit? Everyone!

 Restaurants – Delis – Bars – Cafes – Bowling Alleys
Hotels – Resorts – Stadiums – Venues – Theater Lobbys
Health Clubs – Fitness Clubs – Retailers – Salons – Spas
Smoke Lounges – Waiting Rooms – Hotel Lobby – Office Waiting Room
Doctors Office Lobby – Church Foyers

Expo Charging Stations

If you are an Event Planner, Expo Coordinator or Tradeshow Company talk to us about the potential of partnering!  We currently offer Charging Station solution so your attendees of your event are instagram, tweeting or messaging about your event the whole time.  

Download PDF of the Event Charging Station Here! 

Expos, Tradeshows & Seminars

Seminars, Corporate Training, Teaching Events and Schools can offer charging at each table and use the Advertising Slides and Videos for showing Speaker Bios, Sponsors Messages, Daily Agendas, Meeting Details, Upcoming Events & More!   

Just Imagine the Possibilities

PHONE CHARGING: OneStone Hubs are the perfect Mobile Charging Station for your Table Tops, Bars, End Tables and Seminar Tables. Because of the portability of these units you can place them just about anywhere! 

ADVERTISING: With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions and Upsells easily to a captive audience, while they charge. Studies have shown that while you are providing a FREE Service like ‘CHARGING Phones’, the psychologically association of your brand will leave a positive and lasting impression.

Learn More about our Programs & Pricing

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OneStone offers Multiple Hubs and Multiple ways to Get Started!


Our Backlit & LCD Units are available for Purchase while our WIFI version are available for Lease.   You can offer FREE Charging to your customers while you increase sales, advertise your offers and even write off your lease! You control the advertising for your own offers and change the campaigns as often as you like! Find out how to get started now… 

Contact us for more information on this program.  



Take advantage of significant savings with our Discounted Marketing Program where you get the benefits of offering FREE Charging to your customers while OneStone manages the ad space. You control a portion of the Ad Spaces of the advertising for your own offers and benefit  while OneStone manages additional advertisers that do not conflict with your establishment’s products or services.  

Contact us for more information on this program.